Science for Life
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On December 4th, eight SfL schools from across Islington participated in our first ever Winter Physics Fair and Family Science Show, which was supported by the Institute of Physics.

The CPD strand of the Science for Life project offers our partner teachers free high-quality subject-specific CPD.

On Monday 29th October, the children from the Gillespie Science Committee attended the Equal Play Symposium at City Hall.

Children and teachers from six of our Science for Life schools took part in a series of gesture-controlled musical glove workshops at Gillespie Primary School!

Time to review Y1 of the project, and make plans for Y2!

Children from Pakeman and Gillespie Primary Schools collaborated to put on a stellar event for around 100 family members

Ten teachers from our SfL partnership schools came to Gillespie Primary School to take part in our first CPD day

24 Science Leads, Assistant Heads, Headteachers and project partners came to Gillespie Primary School Lab_13, for the launch of our Science for Life (SfL) school partnership project.

We want to address the problem of limited and imbalanced STEM* aspirations among school children and young people in the UK. We seek to do this through collaboration between teachers, families and STEM professionals.

*Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

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How does Science for Life work?

What is Science for Life, and how will it work?

Science for Life (SfL) is a collaborative school development project involving 12 primary and secondary schools across the borough of Islington in London. SfL is led by Carole Kenrick, Scientist in Residence at Gillespie Primary School, with support from the Institute of Physics and funding from the Dame Alice Owen Foundation. We are supporting each other to meet a common goal: to develop excellent science knowledge and attitudes among the children we teach. 

There are two strands to the project: STRAND A is a Professional Learning Community with a joint action plan informed by our school priorities and STRAND B offers high-quality science CPD and curriculum-linked resources for every school. Finally, we are also sharing resources within the project and with other schools through this website. You can find out more about the strands and how each one works below.



  • Professional learning community

  • Collaborate on own school priorities

  • Informed by evidence and experience

  • Carry out action plan with support from the SfL project lead

STRAND B: CPD and resources

  • Develop subject knowledge and pedagogy

  • Practical – gain confidence using equipment

  • Fully resource science


  • Signposting resources that we find useful

  • Sharing resources that we have created