Science for Life launch event

On September 12th we were delighted to host 24 Science Leads, Assistant Heads, Headteachers and project partners to Gillespie Primary School Lab_13, for the launch of our Science for Life (SfL) school partnership project.

Gillespie's Headteacher Mark Owen welcomed everyone, after which I (Carole Kenrick, SfL Teacher Leader) shared the background, vision and plan for the project. Everyone was invited to choose a Hub and start thinking about what their individual school action plan might look like. We made sure we had dates in our diary for our first Hub meetings, before which we all had to gather some data about our pupils' science capital. This might take the form of pupil attainment data, surveys about their attitudes, registers of extracurricular attendance or examples of classwork.

I can't wait for our first Hub meetings, when we will start looking at our own school data to identify areas to focus on for our action plans.

Carole Kenrick, Science for Life Teacher Leader


Carole Kenrick