First Hub meeting of the year

After reviewing our first year, we have made some changes to the structure of the Science for Life project this year* - in particular streamlining it to make it more efficient. We will have one SfL Hub, which primary and secondary schools are all a part of, with a joint action plan based on our schools’ priorities for this year. The CPD strand will continue, but with this year’s new chemistry sessions packed into four sessions across two days, to make time to repeat condensed versions of last year’s physics sessions. Opportunities will continue to be developed and shared as part of the SfL Hub.

We started our first SfL Hub meeting by sharing our greatest successes from last year:

We then got straight to deciding what we wanted to focus on during the year, and sharing some useful resources. There is plenty to look forward to already this term - from a gesture-controlled musical glove-making workshop in October, to our first chemistry CPD day in November and the Winter Physics Fair in the new IOP building in December.

We are delighted to confirm that Tanya at Canonbury Primary School will be leading on our participation in the SunSpace Art project, which is led by solar scientist Helen Mason from Cambridge University along with Geraldine Cox, an artist based at Imperial College London. Helen and Geraldine will run a cross-curricular day during which children will learn about the Sun and space, and create art inspired by their learning. Canonbury will be piloting a version of it at their school this term, before sharing their experience at the Children’s Conference in the Spring, and hopefully inspiring other children and teachers to run it at their schools too!

* We will be redeveloping the SfL website to reflect the tweaks to the SfL project, and to make it as user-friendly as possible. Please bear with us as this may result in some broken links while the changes are made!

Carole Kenrick