STRAND B: CPD and Resources

Overview of CPD 



One core strand of our science CPD is the development of teachers' subject knowledge - what teachers need to know and understand to teach a particular topic.

This will be grounded in the national curriculum but will go beyond it where necessary so that teachers can be confident in their explanations and able to answer some of the most common questions asked by children.



We will also explicitly consider different ways in which children's understanding of the scientific knowledge and working scientifically can be developed. For instance, through:

  • Powerful models and analogies

  • Practical experiences

  • Literacy development

  • Knowledge of common misconceptions and ways of addressing them


DEVELOPING IDENTIfication with science

In addition to subject knowledge and pedagogy, we will consider ways in which children's identification with science can be developed through:

  • Examples of scientific role models

  • Examples of how the science learning is relevant to everyday life

  • Examples of how the science learning can be useful in a range of careers

  • Giving children opportunities to share their own questions about science

  • Enrichment beyond the classroom, including clubs and homework


Every school whose teachers attend a CPD day will be provided with resources to support with lesson planning and extracurricular ideas to support them to put their learning into practice. Those that we have permission to share will be made available on the primary CPD and secondary CPD pages of the website.

Since primary schools often have a very limited (or even no) science budget, they will also receive a box of equipment to support teaching of the topic. This idea of providing resource boxes has been borrowed with kind permission from The Ogden Trust, whose CPD model has been highly effective in supporting schools in Ogden primary physics partnerships.

The choice of primary resources has been informed by the SCORE primary benchmark guidance, which is available here, along with our experience of teaching the topics in primary schools.

Launch event

Science for Life launch at Gillespie Primary School