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Energy at KS4

The Institute of Physics among others has developed guidance to support the teaching of energy using the concepts of energy stores and pathways. Here is a round-up of some of the key resources:

Improving gender balance

The Institute of Physics have funded a series of projects that have focused on learning more about and addressing the gender imbalance in physics. The findings from their Improving Gender Balance report are very promising:

"We recommend that schools combine the following in a blended approach.

  • Appoint a gender champion, someone senior in the leadership team who is able to drive change within the school
  • Analyse progression data by gender for different subjects and discuss what might be driving any gendered patterns
  • Train teachers to understand unconscious bias, how the experiences of girls and boys may differ because of it and what they can do to manage that impact
  • Equip teachers to deal with sexist bullying and language
  • Raise students' awareness and engagement of the gender stereotypes they face and engage them in addressing them
  • Review the options process: look at the options information and presentations through a gender lens and equip students to engage critically with the process
  • Consider project-led science clubs that encourage a better gender balance"

See the full report for more on all of the above.


Our next SfL secondary CPD will focus on forces, and will cover the following:

  • Subject knowledge: what teachers need to know & understand to teach KS3 forces
  • Subject pedagogy: how to teach KS3 forces with a focus on addressing misconceptions - the why and the how (including valuable practical experiences, powerful analogies & models etc.)
  • Subject assessment: forces progression & NC expectations at KS2, KS3 and KS4